erased words

by  roland buckingham

The eighteen erased words published here were made at the onset of the war in Ukraine after weeks of military build-up. Words and phrases depicting ordinary objects and situations were written and then erased or effaced through various means, wiped away with a dry cloth, splashed with water, blotted and smeared with a wet brush. As a visual artist I work mainly with language, investigating text-image, text-body and text-object relations. This chapbook represents a poetic response to the self-inflicted violence of military conflict. The latin phrase 'in tempore belli' means "in time of war". It was used by Joseph Hydan as the title of a mass written during the French Revolutionary Wars and also by the American composer George Crumb on the score of his string quartet 'Black Angels', a protest against US involvement in Vietnam.

19x14 cm, bw
24 pages
cover in vellum paper