2022 annual

by  astra papachristodoulou, james knight, laura kerr, maggs vibo, and s cearley

The inaugural Trickhouse Press annual is a wide-ranging and forward-thinking compendium of work, showcasing the most exciting visual poetry in the UK and beyond. It's a collection of collections, each displayed on glossy, full-colour A4 pages.


Amanda Earl - Kept Awake by Little Fires Dreaming
Astra Papachristodoulou - from Like Amber
Chris Kerr - Mildred
David Spittle - enfants en deuil
draftpost0.github.io - like something else, nerds
Imogen Reid - 5 poems
James Knight - from Bodies
Joseph Turrent - Cyclohexane Drift Example
JP Seabright - Moveable Type
Katy Wimhurst - The State We're In
Laura Kerr - 6 poems
Maggs Vibo - M.U.S.I.C.
Martin Wakefield - Lego Poems
Matthew Haigh - BORN
Paul Robinson - STOPLOSS
ReVerse Butcher - 8 poems
Robin Boothroyd - Unearthed
S Cearley - 9 poems
Silje Ree - Knitting Patterns
Sy Brand - On Having Needs
Vilde B. Torset - Like A Mindmap of a Thoughtcloud

Amanda Earl - "Creating Culture Among Women: Friendship and List Making for Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry, A Conversation with Imogen Reid"

Scott Lilley - "An interview with Trickhouse editor Dan Power"

SJ Fowler - "Sticker Poems: Unstuck"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

260-page, A4, full-colour.