by  sébastien hildebrand

No. 7 of the TYPEWRITTEN series: Clouds by Sébastien Hildebrand, France.


This book contains 8 typewriter drawings, a poem by Anthony Etherin, and some overprinted printer’s summaries.


Pareidolia is a conversion of retinal information into recognisable objects for the brain. Today most of our data is stored in 'intangible' virtual clouds. The typed series "Clouds" tries to reproduce the physical and temporal existence of these data, here symbolised by the sign Ampersand "&", which is widely used in computer coding. The series invites everyone to search in these clouds for an image of their vaporised data, with more or less effort.” (Sébastien Hildebrand)


The first edition of TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published together with Timglaset Editions, January 2021.

The second edition of TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published by psw, March 2022.


Printed on my Gestetner 160 mimeograph. 

Handbound second edition of 40 copies, 32 pages, 28x21cm size.