Returning to Earth with Additional Tools

betweenthehighway press is a receipt-book publisher and food insecurity nonprofit in Orange County, NC. Half of our profits go to buying food -- the other half to our authors. These are our first three receipt-books:

Returning to Earth with Additional Tools by Nate Hoil

a collage of rebirth stories. something to carry in your pocket throughout samsara; how quickly can you speedrun bodhisattva perfections?

apa rtm ent by beumuth

on the road to rehumanization, unattending human capital redeployments.

[cattle] by puddlethumb

if the Buddha’s silence blows out suffering, it must blow out language. dying piece by piece, cattle’s blood drains quicker if the heart is beating.


receipt-books are 2.25 inches wide and 40-120 inches long. the thermal text will not fade if kept inside their envelopes and out of direct sunlight.