skid marks

limited print run of  50 
210 × 297 mm
Risograph printing

Delli Press, 2021

Skid Marks is the result of an exploratory exercise that starts from the conceptual foundations related to Abstractionism and the graphic strategy of Comics.
The artists who intervened in this project worked on large paper formats where they inscribed a vast set of graphic marks, as diverse as revealing of the singularities related to each individual and tool (balls, skateboards, markers, shopping carts, bicycles, tires, bottles and other objects that after being inked could be set in motion).
Then, based on one or several comics grids, they built framing masks that served to isolate the graphic details existing in the initial sheet.

Project developed in a workshop, BA, 2nd year
Tutor(s): Luís Alegre

Adriana Crespo
Ana Catarina Duarte
Ane Catherine Correia
António Dias, Bárbara Cruz
Catarina Duarte
Daniela Couceiro
Duarte Costa
Érica Correia
Evander Anacleto
Felipe Quartin
Filipe Nunes
Filipe Bisca
Giovanna Russo
Guilherme Bento
Guilherme Dâmaso
Helena Matias
Inês Diogo
Inês Gonçalves
Inês Balagueiras
Jéssica Frade
João Dias
Lorenzo Quintas
Margarida Martins
Margarida Leonardo
Maria Ramos
Mariana Moura
Mariana Sousa
Miguel Costa
Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Lopes
Miriam Ribeiro
Neuza Leote
Rafael Apolinário
Rúben Miguel
Raquel Lucas
Raúl Rodrigues
Sara Godinho
Saskia Soto
Sofia Franco
Sofia Luz
Susana Figueira
Telma David
Tomás Santos
Valentina Flores
Victoria Perez
Yuri Abreu

Book Cover:
Bárbara do Carmo