by  juliette liautaud

Photocopied zine + CD in a cristal paper envelope
20 pages, A4 & A5, coated paper 100g & 160g, black&white and colour prints
CD, 3 tracks, 33 min
20 copies, signed and numbered

Photograms of plants (anthotypes, a natural primitive chlorophyll photography technique) are fixed by a photocopier.
Usually anthotypes disappear after exposure to the sun or should be observed in the evening or in the light of a flashlight. Here, the lamp is replaced by the photocopier.
These light monotypes surround a color print : a photogram exposed during the summer solstice, June 21, 2019, the longest sunshine day of the year.

At the intersection of two techniques, one artisanal and primitive, the other technical and mechanical, the edition is composed of a light fanzine of unbound pages, slipped into an envelope and a CD.
Three tracks composed during the warm days of June that accompany the images with languorous and slow contemplative compositions, only named by their duration, and seem to give hours of the day or evocate the time of exposure of anthotypes to the sun.

The sun, as a clue on the photograph that contains the CD.

ECOUTER / LISTEN (Solstice) I (10:24)