the things we do when we know we can’t do newspaper

ISBN: 9789897571565
newspaper, colour
400 × 140 mm

Delli Press, 2020

Communicating in beautiful and fashionable typefaces might increase the wow-factor of the design, but Delli designer-activists would rather communicate in well-being. Fear is emptying the classroom and drowning people in pockets of isolation.

Social distancing wreaks a tremendous psychological toll, taking away the warm touch of the surface of the “natural”. More than ever, designer-activism is critical to our shared fate. Sustainable policies are emerging through social media and technology.

Delli’s mandate is to nurture the subjectivity in individual students’ perspectives and to ensure their novel concepts and editorial projects become personal statements.

P02/3 Mantraste
P04/5 Inês Marques
P06/7 Marta Guerra Belo
P08/9 Sílvia Prudêncio
P10/11 Inês Correia
P12 Patrícia Cativo
P13 Ricardo Nunes
P14 Rita Carvalho
P15 Nuno Ladeiro
P16/17 Paulo T. Silva
P18/19 Telmo Chaparra
P20 António Rebelo
P21 Carlos Pimenta
P22/23 Filipe Luz
P24/25 Marco Balesteros
P26/27 Natalie Woolf
P28 Luís Alegre